good shape

good shape
Synonyms and related words:
aesthetic proportions, anality, apple-pie order, beauties, belle tournure, bodily charm, bodily grace, charms, curvaceousness, curves, discipline, eupepsia, fine fettle, fine shape, fine whack, glowing health, good appearance, good condition, good constitution, good digestion, good effect, good figure, good health, good looks, good points, good proportions, good trim, gracefulness, gracility, healthfulness, healthiness, healthy body, healthy constitution, high feather, lovely build, method, methodicalness, methodology, mint condition, neatness, nice body, orderliness, picture of health, pneumaticness, robust health, rude health, rugged health, sexy body, shapeliness, soundness, system, systematicness, tidiness, top shape, trimness, wholesomeness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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